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Americ Americ Ngwije

In addition to his duties as an editor on TV Equals, Film Equals, and Web Series Channel, Eric is also an avid book reader. He loves fiction but skips the fantasy and sci fi genres. His big weakness/addiction is comic books, which he devours way too fast for his own good. So any recs are always welcome.

You can follow him on Twitter @itsameric or email him at americ_ngwije [at] bookequals [dot] com.


Sandrine Sandrine Sahakians

While also being an editor on TV Equals, Film Equals and Web Series Channel, Sandrine tries to find time to read as much as she can. She is addicted to Young Adult novels, but also enjoys all types of books (except for romance novels). She also a big love for comic books, because they’re pretty awesome!

You can follow her on Twitter @sosandrine and Goodreads. And you can email her at sandrine_sahakians [at] bookequals [dot] com.




Kristen Alvarez

Kristen is a librarian who has loved reading since checking her first Nancy Drew book out of the library in the fifth grade. She is passionate about libraries and their role in protecting intellectual freedom. Despite a serious weakness for young adult books and fluffy chick-lit novels, she reads mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction/fantasy.

You can follow her on Twitter @kristen_anne_.



Jose Alvarez

If Galactus is the devourer of worlds, then Jose is the devourer of literary works. Whether its print or audiobook, Jose is always in search of the next best book. Doesn’t matter the genre or the size, as long as it has the three goods (good dialogue, good characters, good plot) Jose will read it. Though he prefers Sci-Fi due to his engineering background (and multiple viewings of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan) you can just as easily see him cracking open a biography or leafing through an Elizabethan drama.

You can follow him on Twitter @jose_squared.



Amie Gibb

Amie’s knowledge of books is similar to her knowledge of wines: she doesn’t have anything intelligent to say about either one, but she consumes a helluva lot and knows what she does and doesn’t like. She may not know a top note, or the definition of Iambic Pentameter, but who cares? She loves to read. She also loves to share and talk with people about the books she loves.


popKelture Kelly Michele

As an avid reader and writer, Kelly has been addicted to books since before she could talk. At any given moment you will find a book (or three) tucked safely into her purse – just in case – and she is guilty of bringing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to finish at the performance of a local band.

One of her favorite feelings is getting lost in the pages of a book, and she will pretty much read anything that you put in front of her. A few of her favorites are: Atlas Shrugged, The Harry Potter series (Prisoner of Azkaban is the best), The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, anything written my Laurie Notaro, and much, MUCH more! You can read her (infrequently) updated blog here: www.kellymichele.net.

You can also find her on our sister sites TV Equals and Film Equals. You can follow her on Twitter @popKelture.


Mokibobolink Michelle Carlbert aka Mokibobolink aka “Moki” (sounds like ‘smoky’)

Moki is a freelance writer, editor and blogger who is a self-proclaimed geek and fangirl. Her love of books began at the age of 9 when she picked up Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper off the mini library shelf in the back of her classroom. Until then she had only looked at books with pictures (mostly of horses and ponies) but something made her want to try out a “grown-up” book that day and soon she discovered the joy of getting caught up in a story purely from the written word. Becoming a writer happened much later in life but it is still that first “real” book that can be credited with creating a love for words that made her want to write some of her own. She now spends some of her time encouraging other writers to try out their skills by writing within the wonderful world of fanfiction and can also be found at Moki’s Fanfiction Blog.

You can also find Mokibobolink on Facebook and our sister site TV Equals. You can follow her on Twitter @mokibobolink.


Muffy Morrigan

Born in California, Muffy Morrigan began her writing career at the age of six, when after completing her first hand written novel she attempted to sell it to the neighbors for the lofty price of ten cents.

After myriad careers, including archaeological consultant, teacher, herbalist, shop keeper, news editor, reporter and columnist, she has settled in to her first love and passion–writing. She currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest.

You can also find her at MuffyMorrigan.com, and on our sister sites TV Equals and Film Equals. You can follow her on Twitter @MuffyMorrigan.


Ciara Moyna

Ciara really really really likes reading. This is often to her detriment. When she was 6 she attended a school Halloween party dressed as her favorite character. Her favorite character at the time happened to be the Ugly Duckling. Things got no better as the next year she donned a Roman collar as she dressed up as Father Flanagan. This just means she is easily impressionable and can very obsessive about the books she loves.

You can also find her on our sister site TV Equals. You can follow her on Twitter @CiaraMoyna.


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Book Review Ratings

Book Equals rates books on a scale from 1 to 5. If you are curious to know what each point on the scale means, here is a quick explanation:

5 stars: Outstanding. I absolutely loved the book.
4 stars: Very Good. I really enjoyed the book.
3 stars: Good. Above average and still enjoyable.
2 stars: Average. Could take it or leave it.
1 star: Poor. Complete waste of time.

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