Ciara Moyna

Ciara really really really likes reading. This is often to her detriment. When she was 6 she attended a school Halloween party dressed as her favorite character. Her favorite character at the time happened to be the Ugly Duckling. Things got no better as the next year she donned a Roman collar as she dressed up as Father Flanagan. This just means she is easily impressionable and can very obsessive about the books she loves.

A GAME OF THRONES (A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, Book 1) By George R. R. Martin [Review]

| Feb 7 | 3 Comments

A Game of Thrones book cover

Winter is coming. This is Westeros, and when winter comes, it lasts for years. Powers are rising, allegiances are shifting. Across the sea, the dethroned prince and princess plot to avenge their legacy. In the Seven Kingdoms a king’s reign is drawing to a close and civil war threatens. And a force beyond the Wall threatens the land with evil. This is A Game of […]