Molly Horan

Molly is MFA student at The New School studying writing for children and young adults. Her writing has been published on,,, and many others.

Love And Leftovers By Sarah Tregay [Review]

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Books written in verse can easily go terribly, terribly wrong. When YA books are written in verse, however, it often makes them more accessible; you really feel like you’re flipping through a teen’s journal. In Love and Lefotver, Marcie’s whole life is uprooted when her dad comes out. Now he has a boyfriend and her mom is having a mental breakdown. She drags Marcie from […]



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is everyone hanging out without me mindy kaling book

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) is a hilarious collection of essays covering everything from Kaling’s chubby childhood to her days writing for the office. Kaling lays out some answers for the reader about her collection of essays in her first chapter, explaining you can knock her off her first book in a couple of days, but if you’re using the book […]


AFTER OBSESSION By Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel [Review]

after obsession book

AFTER OBSESSION tells the extremely creepy story of a small town in Maine being hassled by an angry river spirit. As is the way with small towns hassled by demonic forces, only a handful of teenagers notice it’s watery wrath. Aimee, who’s mentally ill mother drowned in the river years ago beings to notice her friend Courtney is acting strangely after the death of her […]


BETWEEN HERE AND FOREVER By Elizabeth Scott [Review]

| Oct 25 | 0 Comments

BETWEEN HERE AND FOREVER is a book that constantly leaves you wanting to reach in and give the protagonist a reassuring hug. Sixteen year old Abby has always felt she can’t quite measure up to her older sister Tess, the pride of her family, the town, the envy of all the girls and the obsession of all the guys. But now, after a car accident, […]


ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins [Review]

| Oct 11 | 0 Comments

anna and the french kiss book

Anna and the French Kiss, Stephanie Perkin’s debut YA novel about a high school senior from Atlanta who’s shipped off to french boarding school and falls for the ever charming Etienne St.Clair, would make a great Sassy Gay Friend video. Through every wonderfully romantic page you want to shake Anna and ask her “What, what, what are you doing?” Anna’s sent to finish her last […]



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record collecting for girls book

RECORD COLLECTING FOR GIRLS, like any good book about music from Living to Die to High Fidelity, is extremely frustrating to read without your ipod (or turntable, if you’re so inclined). Broken up into sections with themes ranging from the very specific declarations (Don’t Date a Hardcore Smith’s Fan) to common musical arguments (Beatles vs Stones). I’m not sure the author achieved what she seems […]


THE JULIET SPELL By Douglas Rees [Review]

| Sep 22 | 0 Comments

the juliet spell douglas rees

There’s a lot of good to be said about Douglas Rees’ tale of Shakespearean time travel, THE JULIET SPELL. The YA novel follows Miranda, a high school thespian who believes by winning the role of Juliet in the community theater’s production of Romeo and Juliet her estranged father will come back home. She basically has the mindset of tiny Joseph Gorden Levit in Angels in […]