New NOOK Introduced by Barnes & Nobles


As we previously announced, Barnes & Nobles is indeed launching an updated version of the Nook. Priced at $139, the new ereader boasts of several features that should make it attractive to consumers: – Enhanced battery life – Up to Two Months on a Single Charge – Ultra-Light – “Lighter than a Paperback” – Full Touchscreen with E Ink(R) Pearl Display Technology for Reading Anywhere […]


Microsoft Files Lawsuit Against Barnes And Noble

According to Publishers Weekly, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Barnes and Noble for patent infringement from production of the Nook and NookColor. The suits have been filed with the International Trade Commission and the US District Court of the Western District of Washington; and include Barnes and Noble’s manufacturing partners Foxconn International Holdings Ltd. and Inventic Corporation. According to Microsoft VP for intellectual property and […]


Barnes & Noble Unveils Color eReader

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On Tuesday, Barnes & Noble unveiled the latest addition to its Nook ereaders, a full-color touch screen version called Nook Color. The device has a 7-inch color touch display, Wi-Fi only connectivity, 8 GB of memory, and weighs less than a pound. It runs on Google’s Android operating system and allows users to listen to music, play games, and surf the web. It will retail […]


Barnes & Noble Up For Sale

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Barnes & Noble, the largest US bookstore chain, has announced that it is considering putting itself up for sale. Barnes & Noble’s board said its shares were “significantly undervalued” and it intends to “evaluate strategic alternatives, including a possible sale of the company, in order to increase stockholder value.” Both independent and chain brick-and mortar-bookstores have struggled in recent years due to increased competition from […]


Amazon Obtains Patent For eReader With Dual Displays, May Show Barnes and Noble Who’s The Boss

On July 6, 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Patent 7,748,634 for a “Handheld Electronic Book Reader Device Having Dual Displays.” That a patent was issued doesn’t seem like big news, until you realize that the patent went to Amazon and that the patent appears to cover other e-readers with dual displays, such as Barnes and Noble’s nook reader. From the artwork […]


Price Drops Mark New Stage In E-Book Reader Wars

June 21st marked a key moment in the E-Book Reader Wars, when an apparent price war began between Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It started early on Monday when Barnes and Noble announced a price cut of their nook 3G reader from $259 to $199 and then announced a new Wi-Fi only version of the nook retailing for $149. This was huge news for the […]


Nook Outsells the Kindle, iPad Outsells Them Both

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ipad nook kindle

While Amazon and Barnes and Noble are slashing e-reader prices, Digitimes Research reports that 1.43 million e-readers were shipped from manufacturers to vendors in the first quarter of 2010, with 740,000 being shipped in April and May. Of the April-May shipments, 37% were Barnes and Noble’s nook and only 16% were Amazon Kindles. Digitimes says that Amazon is trying to reduce its Kindle inventory in […]