Dark Horse Comics Adds More Whedonverse Titles

| Oct 15 | 0 Comments

Angel, Spike, Willow, and the gang from Dollhouse are joining Buffy at Dark Horse Comics. One of the stories coming out of New York Comic Con last weekend was that Dark Horse is expanding their offering of titles based on canceled Joss Whedon TV shows. Dark Horse confirmed that they will publish a Dollhouse comic sometime in 2011. It’ll pick up long after the conclusion […]


Dark Horse Comics To Launch New App in January

| Oct 13 | 0 Comments

One of the biggest stories coming out of last week’s New York Comic Con is that Dark Horse Comics plans to launch an extensive digital program in January. With single-issue digital comics priced at $1.49, Dark Horse’s new app is getting a lot of attention. How can they offer such a low price? By creating and managing its own digital publishing program—the Dark Horse Bookshelf […]