Book Inspired Halloween Costumes

| Oct 29 | 1 Comment

Yesterday, I featured some Sookie Stackhouse inspired Halloween costumes. Since then, I’ve been thinking some other cool, book-inspired costumes. Here’s what I came up with, please leave me a comment and let me know your ideas for literary costumes! Waldo:This is a super easy costume. All you really need is a pair of glasses, a white shirt and beanie with a red marker. The big […]


EAT PRAY LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert [Review]

| Aug 24 | 0 Comments

Excited by the interesting looking movie trailer for Eat Pray Love I decided to first read the book, adhering to the old rule that the book tends to be better than the movie. Eat Pray Love:One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia is a true story that chronicles Gilbert’s recovery from a very nasty and drawn out divorce. One night, while she’s […]


EAT, PRAY, LOVE Movie Boosts Book Sales

| Aug 13 | 0 Comments

Eat, Pray, Love book sales

The Nielsen Company has an interesting article about how the publicity surrounding movie adaptations can help boost book sales. Thanks to the Eat, Pray, Love movie, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book has sold twice as many copies so far in 2010 than it did in all of 2009. Ninety-four thousand copies of the book were sold the week ending on August 1 alone, which is the same […]


When Life Imitates Art: Eat, Pray, Love

| Aug 12 | 0 Comments

In the book Eat, Pray, Love (as soon to be movie staring Julia Roberts) the author Elizabeth Gilbert reinvents herself after a nasty divorce by spending a year traveling to Italy, India, and Indonesia. In the book, Gilbert finds inner peace by spending time in an Ashram in India meditating, working, and doing yoga. Inspired by her success, fans of Eat, Pray, Love have started […]


EAT, PRAY, LOVE Rebuttal Memoir Canceled

| Jul 23 | 0 Comments

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

According to Page Six, Michael Cooper’s rebuttal memoir to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love has been scrapped. He is the ex-husband she divorced prior to starting the yearlong journey she writes about in Eat, Pray, Love. Cooper had a deal with Hyperion to write his side of the story and how he recovered from their divorce by doing humanitarian work. Cooper finished the manuscript, called […]