[Harry Potter Book Challenge] Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Thoughts and Links

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We are almost at the end of our Harry Potter Book Challenge, and it’s time to share your thoughts/links for the sixth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This month since Jose wrote an excellent article about Felix Felicis, I will use the question he asked at the end of the article: “What would you do if you had a little […]


Felix Felicis: Everyone Needs a Little Luck [Harry Potter Book Challenge]

| Jun 27 | 1 Comment

“The potion within was splashing about merrily; it was the color of molten gold, and large drops were leaping like goldfish above the surface, though not a particle had spilled.” – Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Felix Felicis is a very curious and interesting potion. Drinking it grants the drinker incredible amounts of good luck, although how long this effect lasts depends on the […]



| Jul 15 | 3 Comments

The movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens this week so if you haven’t read the book yet, now is the time. Most fans of the series read the book a few years ago, so read on for a quick refresher. If you recall, the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, ended with the wizarding world finally becoming aware that […]