Amazon Charges More For eBook Than Hardcover

| Oct 6 | 6 Comments

Amazon customers are outraged that the ebook version of Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants costs more than the hardcover. The nearly 1,000 page book, which is published by Dutton, an imprint of Penguin, costs $19.99 in the Kindle store, while the hardcover is $19.39. Similarly, James Patterson’s latest, Don’t Blink, is $14.99 in the Kindle store, while the hardcover is $14. Don’t Blink is published […]


FALL OF GIANTS by Ken Follet Book Trailer

| Sep 28 | 2 Comments

Ken Follet has been in the spotlight recently because of the HBO series based on his book, The Pillars of the Earth. Now he’s set to release his new book Fall of Giants, which will launch The Century Trilogy. Check out the book trailer below. Publisher’s summary of Fall of Giants by Ken Follet: Ken Follett’s World Without End was a global phenomenon, a work […]


New Book Releases September 2010

| Sep 1 | 3 Comments

September is here and that means the beginning of the fall publishing season. There are new books coming from John Stewart, James Patterson, and Janet Evanovich, plus two big authors—Audrey Niffenegger and Diana Gabaldon—are releasing graphic novels in September. The upcoming book I’m looking forward to the most is David Sedaris’ new book of animal fables, which will be out at the end of the […]


James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer Top Highest Paid Authors List

| Aug 24 | 0 Comments

James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer

Forbes magazine has compiled a top ten list of the highest paid authors in 2010 and the two names at the top of the list come as no surprise. Prolific author James Patterson is the top earner at $70 million. Stephenie Meyer is in second place with $40 million. The list was compiled using data from the past 12 months ending June 1st. Stephenie Meyer’s […]


Ken Follett’s PILLARS OF THE EARTH Available As iPad App

| Jul 22 | 0 Comments

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Penguin has announced the release of a multimedia version of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. This ebook version of Pillars will be enhanced with video from the Starz miniseries based on the book. It will be available as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and will cost $12.99. The Amplified Edition of The Pillars of the Earth (as Penguin is […]


Ken Follett’s Pillars Of The Earth Now A TV Show

| Jul 19 | 1 Comment

So one of my all time favorite books, Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, has been made into a television show. For those of you not familiar with the book, I strongly encourage you to check it out. It takes place in 12th century England in a small town that has decided to build a cathedral. However, the book is mostly about the lives of […]


WORLD WITHOUT END by Ken Follett [Review]

| Aug 5 | 0 Comments

World Without End is the follow up to the hugely popular “Pillars Of The Earth.” In Pillars, Follett writes an emotionally charged epic drama about the building of a Cathedral in the middle ages. He shows how the town and the lives of those who live there are forever changed by the construction. Although World Without End takes place a couple hundred years after Pillars, […]