HarperCollins Limits Ebook Lending from Libraries

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Publisher HarperCollins made more than a few librarians angry when they announced a significant revision to lending terms for ebook circulation. According to LibraryJournal.com, the publisher announced that new titles licensed from library ebook vendors will be able to circulate only 26 times before the license expires. Mention of the new terms was first made in a letter from OverDrive CEO Steve Potash to customers: […]


Coolest Library Ever?

| Nov 19 | 7 Comments

Book lovers, do you ever daydream about having your own personal library? I usually picture mine as having lots of dark wood, built-in shelves, a fireplace, and leather chairs. But when I came across the library pictured above, I fell in love. It looks like it’s floating up in the trees! How cool is that? The library was designed by New York architect Andrew Berman […]


Librarians Go Viral

| Jul 27 | 1 Comment

So recently Kristen shared some hilarious posts involving the hunky Old Spice guy and librarians. She hinted that perhaps librarians have gotten smarter at promoting their libraries with these viral videos. After visiting this article on Huffington Post, I’m convinced that she’s right. The article contains 10 different videos created and performed by real librarians. Just when I thought there wasn’t enough room on YouTube […]


Is The Old Spice Guy Secretly a Librarian?

| Jul 22 | 1 Comment

I’ve seen not one, but two videos this week that involve the Old Spice guy and libraries, which tells me librarians are getting better at promoting their libraries. It’s either that or Isaiah Mustafa secretly moonlights as a librarian. Either way, both videos are pretty hilarious. First, we have a video that I’ve already shared with the fans of Daemon’s Books on Facebook. Here the […]