BEDBUGS by Ben H. Winters [Review]


When is reality real, when are you insane? It’s the central question of many a psychological thriller, paranormal thriller and occasional romance. It’s also one of those questions I love in a book. Is the character nuts? Is what they are experiencing a figment of their imagination or is it tangible? This is a major part of Ben H. Winters’ latest novel BEDBUGS. Susan and […]


VERY BAD MEN by Harry Dolan [Review]

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  Harry Dolan introduced readers to the enigmatic magazine editor David Loogan in Bad Things Happen. Loogan returns in Very Bad Men, now having settled down in Ann Arbor, Michigan with police Detective Elizabeth Waishkey. They are living the quiet life until they are drawn into an investigation that involves a bank robbery that took place seventeen years ago. It starts when David finds a […]


THE SCHOOL OF NIGHT By Louis Bayard [Review]

The School of Night

There are a few writers I enjoy reading just for the joy of their prose. In fact there are some writers out there that I would read peanut butter labels if they wrote them. I mean that quite seriously. It seems that the art of writing is disappearing from the world and sitting down to read a book that has lovely prose as well as […]


SIXKILL By Robert B. Parker [Review]


When Robert B. Parker died last year, I bid farewell to one of my favorite authors. Of course, just because he was gone didn’t mean his most famous character, Spenser, was quite finished. Painted Ladies was published posthumously in October, and now, in SIXKILL, Spenser makes his 39th, and sadly, last appearance. With Sixkill, Parker returns to the familiar territory of movie making and the […]



The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter

When I was growing up, once I had blasted through the Hardy Boys and a few similar adventures written for the younger audience, I was lost. There was really nothing else with heroes my age and exciting story lines—even then there were really very few with a girl as the main character. It made reading hard, and I was forced to venture into the scary […]


LOVE YOU MORE by Lisa Gardner [Review]

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If you liked Lisa Gardner’s award winning 2010 book, The Neighbor, you’re going to want to pick up her latest novel, Love You More. Detective D.D. Warren is once again partnered with Massachusetts state trooper Bobby Dodge to solve a murder. This time they’re investigating one of their own, fellow state trooper Tessa Leoni. Trooper Leoni’s husband is dead and she has confessed to shooting […]


DEAD OR ALIVE by Tom Clancy and Grant Blackwood [Review]

As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” For Tom Clancy fans, Dead or Alive was definitely worth the seven-year wait, as it provided a gripping action packed story with the characters fans have enjoyed for the last two decades. I have been a huge fan of Tom Clancy since I first read Red Storm Rising in high school, so I actually […]


THE POPE’S ASSASSIN By Luis M. Rocha [Review]

The Pope Assassin

Sometimes I think Dan Brown and his publisher have a lot to answer for. I’m sure you all know what I mean, we are being buried in piles of religious conspiracy theory novels, the likes of which the publishing world has never seen. I’ll grant some of them are very good, far better than Brown, and might never have seen the light of day without […]


SHADOW WALKERS By Brent Hartinger [Review]

Shadow Walkers

Years ago, it feels like a million of them now, I had the chance to review the first novel from a new author by the name of Brent Hartinger. It was a wonderfully written book and I remember hoping that is was just the first of a long career. Happily, it was, and Hartinger’s latest, SHADOW WALKERS, is a book with the perfect blend of […]



The Orchid Affair (Pink Carnation)

Every once in a while I enjoy indulging in something that is light, bubbly and bright. Something with a little romance, a little adventure, a hint of danger and a dash of witty dialog. Jane Austen meets James Bond. Impossible to find, you say? Ah, well you haven’t discovered the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig and the latest entry THE ORCHID AFFAIR might well […]