LEVIATHAN WAKES by James S. A. Corey [Review]

Mars has been colonized and humans have settled throughout the asteroid belt, even in the outer parts of our solar system. Earth has the numbers, Mars the technology, and those living in the asteroid belt, Belters, provide minerals and water to the rest of the galaxy. A mining ship investigates an abandoned ship on an asteroid with no sign of its crew or purpose. A […]


DEAD RECKONING by Charlaine Harris [Review]

| May 3 | 7 Comments

SPOILER WARNING: This review is for the eleventh book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and may contain spoilers for the previous ten books. However, I’ve tried to avoid including any Dead Reckoning spoilers. It’s always a happy day in my household when Charlaine Harris releases a new book, so I’ll admit to doing a little happy dance when Dead Reckoning arrived on my front porch. […]


MIND GAMES by Carolyn Crane [Review]

| Mar 14 | 2 Comments

The first book in The Disillusionists trilogy, Mind Games is about a group of neurotic “superheroes” that use their flaws (hypochondria, gambling) to fight bad guys. Their town, Midcity (think Chicago), is in the midst of an eight year crime wave, and they have banded together to fight the criminals. Well, technically Justine and her fellow crime fighters aren’t superheroes—they’re just regular people. They’re the […]



Forest Moon Rising

FOREST MOON RISING: A TESS NONCOIRE ADVENTURE by P. R. Frost is an Urban Fantasy set in the Pacific Northwest, or as the protagonist Tess notes at one point early on in what I think is supposed to be a witty moment, the North Wet. The book follows Tess, Celestial Blade Warrior as she fights evil aided by her trusty imp Scrap. In Forest Moon […]



Archangel's Consort

ARCHANGEL’S CONSORT is the third book from Nalini Singh featuring former-Guild-Hunter-now-turned-angel Elena and the Archangel Raphael. Singh’s writing is strong and her descriptions and characters are well drawn, but this book gives a new reader the feeling of walking into the middle of a conversation. This book immediately succeeds Archangel’s Kiss and follows Elena and Raphael in their growing romance and burgeoning problems. Things start […]


PALE DEMON by Kim Harrison [Review]

| Feb 21 | 0 Comments

This review is for the ninth book in The Hollows series, so it contains SPOILERS for books 1-8. If you haven’t yet discovered how much Rachel Morgan rocks, start with the first book, Dead Witch Walking. Take one kickass witch, a living vampire, a heartbroken pixy, and a ruthless elf, put them in a powder blue Buick, and you have all the ingredients for one […]



Blackveil: Book Four of the Green Rider

The Green Rider series is one of those ongoing fantasy worlds what has enough depth and breadth to really engage readers, pull them into the existence of the characters and make them real. It’s one of those series that makes readers wait patiently for long pauses between books and scramble to the stores when the new book is out. BLACKVEIL: BOOK FOUR OF THE GREEN […]


A HARD DAY’S KNIGHT By Simon R. Green [Review]

A Hard Day's Knight

Simon R. Green’s Nightside Private Investigator, John Taylor, returns for his 12th outing in A HARD DAY’S KNIGHT. Life is never easy in Nightside, that part of London where the things of nightmare always lurk, but when destiny is literally dropped off at your door? Life can get a little more… Interesting. And that’s just what’s happened to Taylor, he’s come home to discover destiny, […]


A GAME OF THRONES (A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, Book 1) By George R. R. Martin [Review]

| Feb 7 | 3 Comments

A Game of Thrones book cover

Winter is coming. This is Westeros, and when winter comes, it lasts for years. Powers are rising, allegiances are shifting. Across the sea, the dethroned prince and princess plot to avenge their legacy. In the Seven Kingdoms a king’s reign is drawing to a close and civil war threatens. And a force beyond the Wall threatens the land with evil. This is A Game of […]


BLOOD PROPHECY by Stefan Petrucha [Review]

 Over the holiday break I had the chance to read Stefan Petrucha’s latest book, BLOOD PROPHECY, and I really enjoyed it. The book has an interesting take on vampire mythology and the action packed sequences made it a fun read. As an added bonus, I had the opportunity to interview the author Stefan Petrucha , and his answers were very interesting. What is Blood Prophecy […]