THE RADLEYS: A NOVEL By Matt Haig [Review]

The Radleys

I am not a fan of the current crop of vampire novels. Let’s be clear on that. In fact, I think my love of the undead in print ceased a long time ago. Angsting teens and their even more angsting vampire counterparts wear on my somewhat jaded nerves until I am waiting for a killing spree or… or something. I had given up all hope […]


New Book Releases: Week of December 28, 2010

| Dec 27 | 0 Comments

I hope you were lucky enough to receive a bookstore gift card over the holidays because there are a lot of new books out this week. Melissa de la Cruz has a new Blue Bloods novella that details Allegra and Stehpen’s (Schuyler’s human father) love story. Plus, there’s a new book from suspense/horror author Dean Koontz. Check out the new book releases below. Bloody Valentine […]