CEMETERY DANCE by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child [Review]

Cemetery Dance book

Special Agent Pendergast is back in his ninth book, Cemetery Dance, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. He once again partners with Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta to find a murderer; only this time the victim is a good friend (I’m not going to tell you who, but it’s a bummer). Eyewitnesses and security cameras identify the murderer as Colin Fearing, the only problem is that he was found dead ten days earlier. As Pendergast and D’Agosta investigate, they find a mysterious religious cult that may be involved with animal sacrifice, voodoo, and zombies. As increasingly bizarre and unexplainable things happen, the reader is left trying to figure out a rational explanation for these occurrences.

Cemetery Dance has all the characteristics of an Agent Pendergast novel: supernatural mysteries, science, and suspense. The mysterious agent Pendergast is a southern gentleman who is brilliant and observant, and is frequently described as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. He is very much the opposite of New York cop D’Agosta and I enjoy them as partners. While I love any Pendergast novel, this wasn’t my favorite because I just couldn’t get into the zombie storyline (when I think zombies, I picture the dancing zombies in Thriller with their clawed hands). I certainly enjoyed it, just not as much as previous books like Brimstone or Cabinet of Curiosities. Cemetery Dance is a standalone novel, but to fully appreciate the death that occurs in the first chapter it would help to have read the previous novels.

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