Edward Cullen Vs Eric Northman – Who Would You Sink Your Teeth Into?

Edward Cullen vs Eric Northman

Two of the most crushed on vampires as of late would have to be Edward Cullen (from the Twilight series) and Eric Northman (from the Sookie Stackhouse novels). So, who would you sink your teeth into? Here is a profile on each character if you need help making up your mind:

Edward Cullen

Height: 6’2

Hair: Bronze

Eyes: Topaz (or black if he needs to hunt)

Age: 104

Pros: Besides being a perfect 10 in the looks department, he’s also great at piano, can read minds, can function during the day, and has a sweet car collection.

Cons: Lives with his mother (and other family members), can read minds, will always be in high-school.

Eric Northman

Height: 6’5

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Age: 1,000+

Pros: Also easy on the eyes, Eric has many things going for him that make worthy of a crush. For starters, he’s the most powerful vamp in area 5, and owns his own bar. He’s also over 1,000 years old, which is about 10 times older than Edward.

Cons: He must sleep all day which makes the day-date impossible, he’s a little arrogant, and more than a little dangerous.

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