Eric Northman Vs Aro

Aro / Eric Northman

So last week I asked who everyone’s favorite vampire crush was between Eric Northman (of the Sookie Stackhouse series) and Edward Cullen (of Twilight). I’m sorry to say for all you Twilight fans out there that it wasn’t even close. Eric won by a landslide. So this week, I’ve come up with a new question. In a fight between Eric Northman vs Aro (leader of the Volturi in Twilight), who do you think would win?

Here are a few stats if you need help making up your mind:


Location: Volterra, Italy

Age: 3,000+

Skills: Can read minds of anyone he’s touched

Pros/Cons: Although Aro is old, strong and cunning, he might be out of practice in a fight. As leader of the Volturi, there are plenty of people he can order to do his dirty work for him so he may need a refresher in vampire to vampire combat. [Spoiler if you haven’t read the last Twilight book] After all, in the last Twilight book didn’t he just give up and walk away?


Location: Louisiana

Age: 1,000 and change

Skills: As owner of the vampire bar, Fangtasia, as well as Sheriff of Area 5, Eric is well connected in the vampire community.

Pros/Cons: Eric is extremely strong, and is well versed in fighting. However, where Aro is the oldest, baddest vampire in the world, Eric is merely the Sheriff of his area in Louisiana.

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