THE EYES OF THE DRAGON by Stephen King [Review]


Although Stephen King wrote The Eyes of The Dragon in the late eighties, I only discovered it recently while snooping around in a used bookstore. It’s now one of my favorite books in my collection. Although King is undoubtedly great at writing horror and science fiction, my favorite works of his all tend to be in the fantasy genre. King is a master at creating different worlds and characters that are so captivating, he makes it look easy. In The Eyes of The Dragon, King has crafted a fun, page-turning, read that goes by all to fast.

So what is The Eyes of The Dragon all about? I’m going to actually quote an excerpt from the back of the book because when I read it, it immediately made me want to buy it:

“Once upon a time there was terror and dragons and princes…evil wizards and dark dungeons…an enchanted castle and a terrible secret.”

Doesn’t that sound awesome? The Eyes of the Dragon is about all these things and a whole lot more. It also contains rivalry, deception, friendship, revenge, and an escape plot that would even make Andy Dufresne raise an eyebrow. This is a great book not only for those who like fantasy reads, but for basically anyone who enjoys a good book. My only gripe is that with large font and a mere 380 pages, it goes by way to quickly. I would have loved to seen this made into a series.

Also for all you dark tower fans out there, the evil wizard in this book is called “Flagg”. As King fans know, a few of his books contain a villain by that name (The Dark Tower, The Stand, etc). I think it’s cool how he tends to incorporate things from his other works like this. Anyway, check out this book and hopefully you will love it as much as me!

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