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PERSUASION by Jane Austen [Review]


Jane Austen’s Persuasion was published in 1818, not long after Austen’s death. What I find so incredible about the characters in Persuasion and about Jane Austen characters in general, is that even though they are nearly 200 years old, they are so astonishingly relatable. It’s hard to imagine that in a world without television, internet, or automobiles, people managed to get themselves in just as much drama as they do today.

Persuasion tells the story of the kind, but spinster in the making, Anne Elliot. Anne had a shot at love once upon a time, but her suitor (Frederick Wentworth) was poor and did not receive the approval of her father, the ridiculous Sir Walter Elliott. Although Anne loved Frederick, she let her weak nature, and the Persuasion of her family rule and she turned him down. The story begins 7 years later. Not much has changed for Anne. She’s now 27, not quite as pretty as she was in her youth, and still under the thumb of her conceited and foolish father.

However, things change when Frederick returns as Captain Wentworth with a new fortune and old good looks and charm. Wentworth, who was once not good enough for Anne to marry, is now the most eligible bachelor in town. The shy Anne must witness Wentworth getting hir on by every lady in town. Although her feelings for him have not changed, she fears the past hurt she has caused him might have been irreversable.

I love this book because of the main character, Anne. Her shy and timid nature makes her much different from other Austen leading ladies like Elizabeth and Emma, however she is no less likeable. Persuasion is a fantastic love story and a must read for anybody who likes a good romantic comedy.

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