Nora Roberts’ New Releases for 2010

Nora Roberts

Amie and I are both fans of Nora Roberts, so I headed over to her website to see what she has planned for 2010. As usual, she’s got a lot of books in the works. Take a look at her publishing schedule for 2010:


Fantasy in Death (new J. D. Robb hardcover)

Hot Rocks (Reprint/Mass Market Paperback) Previously published as Part 1 of Remember When, a book jointly authored by Roberts and J. D. Robb (her alter ego) in 2003.


Big Jack (Reprint/Mass Market Paperback) Part 2 of Remember When features Eve Dallas and Roarke.


Kindred in Death by J. D. Robb (Mass Market Paperback)


Savor the Moment (New Trade Paperback) Book 3 of The Bride Quartet series


Black Hills (Mass Market Paperback)


The Search (New standalone Hardcover)


Fantasy in Death (Mass Market Paperback)


Honest Illusions (Reprint/Trade Paperback) Reprint of her 1992 novel


Happy Ever After 
(New Trade Paperback) Book 4 of The Bride Quartet series

Indulgence In Death (New J.D. Robb Hardcover)

An as of yet unnamed In Death novella will be featured in The Other Side anthology (New Mass Market Paperback) 

I also tried to find out if Lifetime is going to make any more of her books into movies like they did last year, but as far as I can tell, they haven’t announced anything. Bummer. The good news is that you can watch Angels Fall and Tribute for free on their website. I also found out that eight of Roberts’ movies are available on Lifetime Movies - Nora Roberts Collection : Angels Fall, Blue Smoke, Carolina Moon, Montana Sky, High Noon, Northern Lights, Midnight Bayou and Tribute.

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