James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer Top Highest Paid Authors List

James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer

Forbes magazine has compiled a top ten list of the highest paid authors in 2010 and the two names at the top of the list come as no surprise. Prolific author James Patterson is the top earner at $70 million. Stephenie Meyer is in second place with $40 million.

The list was compiled using data from the past 12 months ending June 1st. Stephenie Meyer’s latest book, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, was released on June 5th, so its sales wouldn’t be included in that $40 million sum. Although, I’d wager she would still be in second even if Bree Tanner was factored in.

Here’s Forbes top ten list of highest paid authors in full:
1. James Patterson ($70 million)
2. Stephenie Meyer ($40 million)
3. Stephen King ($34 million)
4. Danielle Steel ($32 million)
5. Ken Follet ($20 million)
6. Dean Kootz ($18 million)
7. Janet Evanovich ($16 million)
8. John Grisham ($15 million)
9. Nicholas Sparks ($14 million)
10. J. K. Rowling ($10 million)

Did any of your favorite authors make the list? Is there an author you wish was on the list?

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