Borders News Roundup: Build-A-Bear, Kobo Price Drop, Paid Rewards Card

There has been a lot of news coming out of Borders headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the past few days. On August 31, they issued a press release announcing a new paid rewards loyalty program. They’re keeping the free rewards program, but will now also offer a “Borders Rewards Plus” program for $20 per year. According to Borders:

Members of the free, enhanced program will receive 30 percent off the list price of hardcover bestsellers and free shipping on online orders of $25 or more.

Members of the Borders Rewards Plus program will receive 40 percent off the list price of hardcover bestsellers, 20 percent off the list price of select hardcovers, 10 percent off the purchase price of most everything else — and free shipping on virtually all online orders.

The other big news is that Borders is cutting the prices of its ereaders to stay competitive. The Kobo will drop from $149 to $129 and the Aluratek will drop from $119 to $99. In comparison, the cheapest version of Amazon’s Kindle is $139; the Wi-Fi only nook from Barnes and Noble is $149.

Bloomberg is also reporting that Borders will begin selling merchandise from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Borders will create separate areas in most of their 500 stores that will be dedicated to Build-A-Bear items.

So what do you think about the news coming out of Borders? Will teddy bears get more families in the stores? Honestly, I’m not too excited about another paid rewards program. I hate getting hassled at the checkout about joining those things. Does anybody like rewards program you have to pay to join?

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