Sony Unveils New, More Expensive Readers

Sony Pocket Reader

Last week, Sony unveiled its next generation of ereaders, which all feature more responsive touch screens, higher contrast e-ink displays, and reduced size and weight. There are three models available—the 5″ screen Pocket Edition, the 6″ screen Touch Edition, and the 7″ screen Daily Edition—and they come in silver, black, and pink aluminum skins. Only the Daily Edition offers both 3G and wireless connectivity.

Unlike other retailers like Borders, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble who are slashing ereader prices, Sony actually raised prices on their new devices. The 5″ screen Pocket Edition is $179 (up $29 from the previous model), the 6″ screen Touch Edition is $229 (up $59), and the 7″ screen Daily Edition with 3G is $299 (up $49).

Steve Haber, president of Sony’s Digital Reading Reading division at the Sony offices in New York, says that “people will pay more for features they want,” and that Sony has focused on “making the product right and don’t shoot for price points.”

The new Pocket and Touch Editions are available now, while the Daily Edition will be released in November.

(Sources: Publisher’s Weekly and Information Week)

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