Best Buy To Sell Amazon’s Kindle

Best Buy announced last week that it will start selling Amazon’s Kindle e-reader this fall. The Kindle will add on to Best Buy’s e-reader selection, which includes Barnes & Noble’s nook and all three versions of Sony’s Reader. Best Buy will be selling both the Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi/3G versions, while the Kindle DX will be sold at stores later this year.

Best Buy hopes that this will help bring in additional traffic to their stores from people wanting to try out the Kindle prior to purchasing it. The potential downside is that interested consumers may try it out in the store, but purchase it from Amazon’s website instead.

E-readers are becoming more popular, but are still for the most part a new technology. This means that outside of the early enthusiasts who will try out new technologies, their main method of converting skeptics to purchasers is via them trying out the product. For the Kindle this has come from people trying out devices that their friends or others have bought, which is a good way to spread buzz about a product.

By selling the Kindle through Best Buy (among other outlets), Amazon is hoping to get additional sales from consumers that are convinced to purchase a Kindle after trying one out. There is also hope that they can steal potential sales from their e-reader competitors when customers see the two products on the same shelf. Lastly, Amazon hopes to increase sales channels for the Kindle beyond the site by getting it out to brick and mortar stores (they are also going to sell it through Staples and Target).

(Source: Information Week)

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