Handicapping Oprah’s Next Book Club Pick

So tomorrow’s the big day! Oprah will announce her next book club pick live on tomorrow’s show. In anticipation, I thought I’d look at the leading contenders and rank them by the likelihood Oprah will pick them.

Conversations with Myself by Nelson Mandela

Why Oprah Will Pick It: Mandela and Oprah are close friends and the foreword is written by Friend of Oprah, President Obama. It’s too good for her to pass up.

Likelihood Oprah Picks It: Picking this book sets up dream interview with Mandela for Oprah’s last season, three Gayle Kings.



Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Why Oprah Will Pick It: Freedom has been the hot book among the literati this summer and may or may not have been read by the President during one of his summer vacations. Plus, no one disses Oprah twice…and lives.

Likelihood Oprah Picks It: Bad mouthing the Queen of daytime has its consequences, only two Gayle Kings.



Some Sing, Some Cry by Ntozake Shange & Ifa Bayeza

Why Oprah Will Pick It: It is a powerful book about one African American family’s history through seven generations, from emancipation to modern day. It speaks directly to Oprah’s focus in recent seasons on Africa and helping people there.

Likelihood Oprah Picks It: It’s a wonderful book, but has absolutely no connections to President Obama, only one Gayle King.



Oprah: A Biography by Kitty Kelley

Why Oprah Will Pick It: Seriously there’s no way she’s going to pick this book, but, man, it would be great if she did. Or at least challenged Kelley to a caged deathmatch.

Likelihood Oprah Picks It: Not a chance in hell, one sad James Frey.




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