Scrabble App Tops Kindle Bestseller List

Kindle users must love playing word games. Two of these games—Scrabble and Every Word—currently top the Kindle nonfiction bestseller lists for paid and free books, even though they are not books at all.

Amazon launched the Kindle app store nine months ago with two free word games—Every Word and Shuffled Row. Last Thursday, they added a Scrabble game as their first paid app ($4.99) and it immediately shot to the top of the paid nonfiction bestseller list. The new app is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Kindles and the Kindle DX.

Damon Brown has a great article at Gadget Watch about how Amazon needs to create a separate list for apps. He says, “the lumping together of apps and books could anger publishers, authors, agents and readers in short order.” He also points out that Apple has separate bestseller lists for iTunes, iBooks, and Apps.

Has anyone downloaded these games to their Kindle? Do you want to see Amazon develop more apps?

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