HORNS By Joe Hill [Review]


You know you are about to read a great book when you are gripped by the first page. You now you are going to read an amazing book when you are taken by the first sentence, “Ignatius Martin Perrish spent the night drunk and doing terrible things”… and so begins HORNS a thrilling piece of horror-fiction by Joe Hill. My first impression of Horns was that it reminded me of early Stephen King, I even mused as I was reading it that it could stand up to any King novel – so imagine my surprise when I learned that Hill is actually the son of Stephen and Tabitha King. Horns was my first introduction to Hill, and I’m glad I went in blind, not knowing who his dad was because I’m able to give you an honest review of the book, with no subconscious biases or comparisons.

Horns tells the unfortunate story of Ignatius Perrish (Iggy) in the aftermath of his girlfriends rape and murder in which he is the number one suspect. After spending a drunken night drowning his sorrows and doing “terrible things”, Iggy wakes up to find out he’s grown horns, like devil horns. Not only that, everyone he speaks to seems compelled to share with him their darkest feelings and desires. He also finds out that by simply touching a person, he can instantly see the worst things they’ve ever done. Because of his new powers, Iggy quickly finds out who was responsible for his girlfriend’s gruesome death, and wants revenge.

Horns is a complex story in which one of the only seemingly good characters (Iggy) in the whole book begins taking on characteristics of the devil. Throughout the plot such themes as love, loss, revenge, temptation and evilness are explored in such an action packed way that if you are anything like me you will be turning pages well into 2:00 am. Horns is a lot of things. It’s dark, its sad,it’s hard to put down, but mostly, it’s terrifying. If you enjoy a good horror read, definitely check this one out!

Horns will be released on paperpack March 8, 2011.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Harper Paperbacks | Pages: 400 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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