Harry Potter 2011 Book Challenge Begins…

Harry Potter Challenge 2011 - Daemon's Books

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone and Welcome to the beginning of the Harry Potter 2011 Book Challenge!

We are so excited to start the challenge and are really looking forward to sharing our reading experience with all of you.

Book – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Starting today, January 1, 2011 until January 31, 2011, we will be reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the UK).

Once you are done reading make sure you write a review or an opinion piece on either your blog or any of the following places:

We will have a post up for you on February 1, 2011 to share links to your reviews, opinion pieces or to write comments (for those participating by leaving comments on Daemon’s Books). This will count as proof of your participation.

(Reminder: Each proof of participation will give you one entry into our final big and exciting giveaway. There will be only one entry per book (no multiple entries even if you put multiple links). That means that if you complete the challenge from beginning to end and provide us with proof of your participation for each book you will have 7 entries.)

If you haven’t signed up yet, but would like to participate, you can do so here.


Also, as promised we have launched our very first giveaway of the entire Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7). So head over here to enter for a chance to win.


Finally, here are the people participating in the challenge so far (we will try to keep this list as up to date as possible throughout the challenge):

[Updated June 12, 2011]

1) sarahbennettnz, New Zealand
2) Angela, Ohio
3) Elinobelium, Alabama
4) DanielleHiggins
5) Reno (Falling Letters)
6) Sedona Duchnick (The Reading List)
7) Eve, California
8 ) Jamie (For The Love of YA)
9) Annebell, California
10) Gale W.
11) DanaDoesRead
12) flarecharge, Washington
13) Meaghan (Book Geek)
14) Danelle (Our Wolves Den)
15) Michael (Embodied Agency)
16) Dharklite
17) DolphinGigglez, New Jersey
18) Alysha DeShaé
19) PammyPam (the unconventional librarian, Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, Amazon)
20) Hollie, UK
21) Heather C., North Carolina
22) Jennifer M (Jen’s Cozy Reading Space)
23) Jessie (Jessie’s Place)
24) Mare (Destiny Is Deafening, Goodreads)
25) Jen (Quick Thoughts, Goodreads)
26) Amanda (Amanda’s Books & More, Goodreads)
27) Birdie (Birdie’s Nest)
28) dafooey, Florida
29) marwa h., London – England
30) lenaushka (Lena’s World )
31) sydperry (Welcome To My World, Goodreads, Amazon)
32) Becky B., Wisconsin
33) Sue F., Minnesota
34) mth93, Illinois
35) Rhonda (Goodreads)
36) pauline15 (Goodreads)
37) Melissa (Jayne’s Books, Goodreads)
38) Whitney (She Is Too Fond Of Books)
39) Ashley Holt (Goodreads)
40) Susanne (Simply Susanne, Goodreads)
41) Wonryang, Canada
42) meekyung, Canada
43) christina, Canada
44) Judy, Canada
45) intensev5, Canada
46) MarionG, Canada
47) samella79, Minnesota
48) TerrieT, Washington
49) wschlaht, Canada
50) Barbara Wright (Goodreads)
51) wild1_ohyah, Canada
52) Arash N., Canada
53) godan, US
54) Liz (Through the Pages)
55) Jade W., Idaho
56) taxchyk, New York
57) DragonAshes (Dragon Ashes)
58) Joanne Schultz (Goodreads)
59) LaurieMom, Canada
60) theimaginetree, Florida
61) willitara (Shelfari)
62) Melissa (MommyWantsToRead)
63) Socalpaige (Goodreads)
64) Buddy, Georgia
65) Elda R., Switzerland
66) Prongs is mine, California
67) Helena, Washington
68) Victoria Ruth (Boots and Boys)
69) Kayleigh (YouTube)
70) Shinke (The Life of Shinke)
71) Rakisha (Cutestlilbookworm, LibraryThings)
72) teacher6th (Spottoread)
73) Emily D., Iowa
74) Mandy (Living Peacefully with Children)
75) FreeButterfly (HHS Rebels Library Blog)
76) shankman6294 (YouTube)
77) Sarah N., Canada
78) Erin, Texas
79) Krista, Massachusetts
80) Melissa (The Avid Reader’s Musings, LibraryThing)
81) Heidi (Hesitant Housewife)
82) Tina, Texas
83) laiza (YouTube)
84) Kacy (Goodreads)
85) Ashley Jean Coates (Harry Potter Reviews and Stuff)
86) Lily (YouTube)
87) Onyx, Florida
88) rdenney, Michigan
89) will, Republic of Korea
90) HPobsessedfan (Twitter)
91) Mohamed A, Egypt
92) Dan D., Texas
93) Jodi, Pennsylvania
94) Amanda B., Florida
95) BJ (Goodreads)
96) Elizabeth (Elizabeth’s Blog)
97) Sterling S. (Badgerstaff Wheneverly)

If you haven’t signed up yet, but would like to participate, you can do so here.

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