WITCH & WIZARD: THE GIFT By James Patterson and Ned Rust [Review]

Wizard & Witch: The Gift

Have you ever gotten the feeling when you were reading a book that the only reason the book was published was because the author was a “name”? You know the ones I mean. You bought it because John Doe is your favorite author and you just had to read his latest book in a favorite series, then you dive in and go “Um, what?” Welcome to WITCH & WIZARD: THE GIFT by James Patterson and Ned Rust.

Witch & Wizard: The Gift is the second in a series about Whit and Wisty Allgood and their ight, or rather survival against the totalitarian regime of the New Order. In the world of the New Order all freedoms are gone, everything good is pretty much gone and Whit and Wisty are struggling to get through a world bent on their destruction. Even as the power of The One Who Is The One grows, our Whit and Wisty are still The One’s biggest headache. They have escaped imprisonment and are working with the Resistance, but the New Order has other plans for them.

As I said, this is the second in the series. It has everything the first did, but somehow it fell short. Magic, action, peril and I kind of didn’t care. I kept reading, kept hoping for that moment when I engaged with the characters again and wanted them to triumph, or felt that little crash in my tummy when something awful had happened and I was waiting for them to escape, but it never did.

Witch & Wizard: The Gift is intended for the teen/ young adult audience, and I read a lot of novels in that age group, in fact a lot of the best writing seems to be cropping up there simply because it is such a wide open and hungry group of readers. I hope this book doesn’t put them off, I really don’t. It has everything that should make it a good, but it just isn’t that good. And when I got to the end and saw “To Be Continued” I was genuinely pissed. At least wrap the story. Yes, it’s a series, and they have threads that continue, but this kind of thing has led me to very nearly stop reading other authors before. To be continueds have their place, at the end of a novel is not one of those places.

All in all, if you read, and loved, the first like I did, you will probably want to read the Witch & Wizard: The Gift, just to find out where Whit and Wisty end up. I can’t guarantee, however, that you will want to read the third, and that’s kind of sad, you know?

Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars | Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers | Pages: 352 | Source:  Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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