The Sequel to THE PASSAGE is Titled THE TWELVE

As I’ve mentioned before, I loved Justin Cronin’s The Passage, and it’s one of the books I recommended most in 2010. Recently someone asked me, “So when does the sequel come out?” Good question! So I did a little digging and here’s what I found:

Book 2 is called The Twelve and will be out in 2012
Book 3 is called The City of Mirrors and will be out in 2014 (source: National Post)

The most interesting (and spoilerish!) information I found about The Twelve comes from this terrific interview Cronin did with io9. Here’s what he told them about the upcoming books:

The next two books each go back to Year Zero at the outset, to reset the story, and to deal with something you didn’t see and didn’t know was as important as it was. It’s not a linear quest story, which I would find dull and plodding. With each book, you need to have the narrative terms reestablished with fresh elements. Also, if you didn’t see [a character] die, they’re not necessarily dead. There’s a big cast in the first book, and plenty of unresolved stuff. I will resolve it by the end. [Early vampire character] Anthony Carter? No, not abandoning him.

In second book, you go back to what happened in Denver after the outbreak took place. The story will resume in that location a few days after breakout. So you can see another angle on what occurred and certain elements will affect our band of heroes 100 years in the future. It will be called The Twelve – and it’s not who you think.

Wow, there’s a lot of good information in that interview. I’m surprised to see that The Twelve won’t pick up where The Passage left off. However, I can see how if he once again uses reports from the “Third Global Conference on the North American Quarantine Period” it will be easy to reset the story. I’m also wondering what the title “The Twelve” refers to if it’s not who we think. Hmmm…

So are you excited for The Twelve? What do you think of these spoilers?

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