Galaxy Tablet Prices Drop Dramatically

Samsung Galaxy Tabs

I have some great news for you gadget-lovers out there. According to eBook Newser, Samsung has lowered the price of its Galaxy S Tablet.

And when I say lowered, I mean they basically cut it in half. Originally priced at $600, you can now pick yourself up a Tablet through Spint for the low cost of only $299.

This news comes after a CES that seemed to be all about tablets, plus the rumors that a new iPad 2 is on the way. So it looks like Samsung might be trying to reposition itself as a cheaper alternative to the competition. And I gotta say, it might just work, especially with buyers like myself who have been reluctant to jump into the Tablet playground. Price is a major factor for me, and the main reason why I haven’t seriously looked at buying one yet. But with prices more around the $300 range, I’m starting to take a new look at them.

Samsung aren’t the only ones playing the in the Tablet playground though. RIM, the maker of BlackBerry, reportedly has a new tablet coming out this quarter called the PlayBook, as does Motorola.

The Galaxy S runs the Android Froyo version 2.2 operating system and has a seven-inch screen with two cameras.

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