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boox affinity

Have you ever dated…. a book? No. Well, a french web site BOOX Affinity (“Boox” Pronounced in French sounds like “Books”) has come up with a model that is soon to be seen here as it sounds pretty awesome. Their motto says it all: “BOOX Affinity – The first dating site where a reader meets their book.”
(sounds better in french :))

The concept of the site is simple: answer a few questions and get book matches just like on a dating site. If you like the book, you can add it in your favs and share it with your friends like on Goodreads.

The best part of this is that BOOX Affinity came up with some really funny commercials to promote the website. Check out a few of them below (the ads are in french but no worries you don’t need to understand the words to find this funny):

The last one is definitely my favorite. Are there any other sites that you know that do the same thing? If not, would you like to see one like that pop up? Share in the comment section below.

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