Samsung Galaxy Tab Sales Reach 2 Million

Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Well, I knew they were popular but I had no idea just how popular until I heard this news. According to eBookNewser, Samsung has sold more than 2 million Galaxy Tab devices since its November launch.

More on the report, from PC Magazine:

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab, thought by many to be the only current true rival to the Apple iPad, first first hit store shelves November 11, and Samsung reported selling 1 million Galaxy Tabs by Dec. 5. Now, in almost three months since the launch, the figure has apparently passed 2 million. While a respectable number, the sales of the Galaxy Tab are still a fraction of the number of iPads sold. According to numbers from Apple, 14.8 million iPads were sold in 2010. The iPad has been on sale since April, however.”

In more Galaxy Tablet news, Samsung has dropped the price of its tablets from $600 to $299. The move was most likely done to compete against the growing number of tablets that launched or were shown off at CES and I’m thinking it was probably a smart one. Considering how popular the Galaxy Tablets were already, I think that a price reduction could bring in even more customers.

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