Kindle, Skype and Time Coming to TouchPad

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Well I just did a report about HP’s new TouchPad and it turns out that’s not the only thing they’ve got up their sleeves these days. reports that, in addition to that nifty piece of hardware, the company has some apps to show off as well.

First up, the new TouchPad will get an official Amazon Kindle application. And like all other Kindle apps, it will deliver the books a user purchases from Amazon via its Whispernet sync system. It includes all the the features you’d expect, including rendering text and color images, and a neat page turning animation. The Kindle app is free of course and will allow Amazon to stay true to its “buy once, read everywhere” stance.

But that’s not all – also coming to the TouchPad is an official Skype application that supports video calls, and we can assume that means voice calls and instant messaging as well. The Skype app might even come preinstalled on the device.

But wait, there’s more (I’ve always wanted to say that) – HP has also unveiled a partnership with Time Inc. that will bring magazine subscriptions to the first webOS- powered tablet. So far Sports Illustrated, Time, and People are the first magazines that will be available for subscription on the TouchPad, with other titles to follow later on.

So far there’s been no info on pricing yet, but subscribing to the print magazine will get users full access to the tablet version and HP has promised to deliver an “immersive reading experience.”

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