Matthew Fox Joins I, ALEX CROSS Adaptation

Matthew Fox I Alex Cross

The Alex Cross film franchise reboot I, ALEX CROSS has found Matthew Fox. Deadline reports that the former ‘Lost’ hero has signed on to play assassin Michael Sullivan, AKA the Butcher of Sligo in the James Patterson adaptation. Sullivan takes it very personally when Cross (Tyler Perry) stops one of his killings, leading to Cross taking an equally personal interest in Sullivan.

Ed Burns is also joining the film to play Cross’ partner Tommy Kane. Rob Cohen will direct the film from a script originally written by Mark Moss and tweaked by Moss and Cohen. According to Deadline, the new script has twists not originally in the novel. Given that Michael Sullivan actually appears in Cross, not I, Alex Cross, I would definitely say there are new twists.

I’m curious to see Matthew Fox as this brutal a villain and I love that they seem to be using Cross as the basis for the film, but I was so excited by the idea of Idris Elba as Alex Cross that the Tyler Perry casting is a letdown.

What do you think?

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