Who’s Your Favorite Marauder? [Harry Potter Book Challenge]

harry potter marauders map

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…”

So begins Harry Potter’s journey in to the Marauder’s Map. Given to him by the Weasley twins, the Marauder’s map will turn out to be a very special and very important tool for Harry. Not only does the map show him all over Hogwarts including the secret passages, but it also can show him everyone that is currently on the grounds of the school and where they’re located.

The map is a great thing for rule breakers, or just those that need to be sneaky sometimes… which generally is the case of Harry and his friends.

But where did the Marauder’s Map come from? And who exactly are Prongs, Padfood, Wormtail and Moony? And what makes them so special?

The four Marauders were all students at Hogwarts when Harry’s father was a student. They were four best friends, inseparable, and all incredibly talented wizards. Prongs is James Potter himself, and you’ll learn that he and Sirius Black (Padfoot) were sort of the leaders of the foursome.

Remus Lupin was Moony, and he tried to keep Potter and Black in check, but wasn’t always successful. Then we have Peter Pettigrew – Wormtail. Pettigrew wasn’t the most talented out of the Marauders, but with enough help from his friends, he was able to perform some pretty serious magic, and transform into a rat.

That alone should tell you a little about his personality.

Without giving too much of the Harry Potter plot away, let’s talk about the other Mauraders.

When James and Sirius discovered that Lupin was a werewolf, they worked some serious advanced
magic and became animagi in order to stay with their friend during his transformation.

Prongs is a stag, an Harry’s father James. Padfoot is a giant black dog (which Harry sees throughout The Prizoner of Azkaban) and in human form, is Sirius Black. Then we have Remus Lupin, who isn’t an animagnus. Instead, he’s a werewolf, and can’t control his transformation.

Each animagus takes the shape of a different animal based on the person transforming. Throughout the series, we’ll meet a few other characters that are animgi, and you’ll see similarities between their animal form and their human form. For example, Professor McGonagall is a tabby cat, with black square markings around her eyes, which resemble the actual glasses that she wears.

Bu back to Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail. Personally, I love Sirius Black and will always love Sirius black, so I have a soft spot for Padfoot.

Not to delve too deep in to the mythology of Harry Potter, but even in the brief time that we get to spend with Sirius in The Prisoner of Azkaban, it is shown how loyal he is, and what better loyal animal than a giant dog?

From the way he protected Lily and James’ secret location, to getting out of Azkaban to avenge the death of his friends, there isn’t anyone more loyal and trust worthy than Padfoot. I’m probably also partial to him because he’s the first close person to the Potter’s that Harry comes in contact with and how willing he is to adopt Harry into his life.
There isn’t a time when I read Prisoner of Azkaban that I don’t cry when Sirius invites Harry to live with him.

He’s lovable, scruffy looking, and Sirius’ laugh in later books is even described as more of a “bark”; I’m a fan of Padfoot all the way.

Which of the four Marauders do you like the best? Vote in the poll below and/or share your thoughts in the comments below!

Mischief managed.

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