HAUNTED CITY Will Be McG’s First Project For His Comic Imprint


Straight from Deadline, McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision has launched a comic imprint and its first project will be from screen writer Chap Taylor. Titled HAUNTED CITY, the comic will be written by Taylor and Peter Johnson from Wonderland and will be published by Wonderland with Aspen Comics. In addition to the comic, Haunted City is also being developed into a script that McG will direct, and TV pilot that Wonderland will produce.

Haunted City is a supernatural story that takes place in the world’s major cites, with New York being the main focus in the comic’s first issue.

McG is hoping that the project will allow room for new ideas, and stated “By creating our own original properties, we can guide their development across several media simultaneously and kick off a whole new chapter of our company as a full-spectrum content provider. It also allows me to home-grow the movies I want to direct in the future.”

Supernatural, Chuck, and Human Target all have comic book versions of their TV shows published by Wonderland through DC Comics, and while Haunted City will be the first to start as a comic, Supernatural is already crossed to other platforms including three comic book series, an anime series, and a video game that is in the works.

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