DEAD RECKONING (Sookie Stackhouse #11) Discussion and Spoilers

SPOILER WARNING: Major Dead Reckoning spoilers ahead! This post is intended to be a place to discuss everything that happened in Dead Reckoning. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our spoiler-free review here.

So now that we’ve finished Dead Reckoning, we’re (Jose and Kristen) dying to talk about it! Let’s start with our general thoughts about the book and then move on to some of the specific events.

Jose: Well I thought this was much better than either of the two previous books: Dead and Gone and Dead in the Family. Dead and Gone was so intense that I felt like I needed something to at least break the tension a little. Then Dead in the Family was almost too light in action, let’s face it was kinda boring. Reckoning brings a good mix of the exciting and the light.

Kristen: Yeah, I really liked it too—mostly because we got back to some of the central storylines of the series like Sookie’s telepathy and vampire politics. I also liked that a lot of characters returned like Claude, Dermot, Hunter, Amelia, and Bob the former cat. And Bubba! I can’t forget Bubba. Although Jason was noticeably absent.

Jose: Yes! Bubba was one of the best parts of book and I’m glad Harris keeps on bring him back.

The Pelt Family: the Trashiest Family Ever?
Jose: Short answer? Yes.

Kristen: I thought we were done with the Pelts, but nooooo, Sandra Pelt had to come back to make Sookie’s life hell once more.

Jose: If she makes it back into another book then she better have a hockey mask and call herself Jason, because that would be ridiculous. I mean either that or go on Jerry Springer to settle this once and for all.

Kristen: Ha ha. I think we are FINALLY done with the Pelts…unless their cousins decide to come after Sookie or something. I will say that I thought that it was a nice twist that Sandra was the one behind the firebombing, because I was guessing everyone but her. I also thought it was really cool that Jack and Lily (Bard) Leeds showed up at Merlotte’s to warn Sookie that Sandra was on the warpath. That was a fun crossover appearance for fans of Harris’ other books.

Just Don’t Ask Them to Bake Cookies
Jose: So apparently there are elves in this world and they don’t work in a tree baking chocolate chip cookies. I like the fact we get another facet of the weirdness going on, but Bellenos is definitely a little out there.

Kristen: Nope, the fae seem to prefer to hang out in strip clubs rather than trees. But, yeah, definitely some weirdness there, like when Bellenos and Dermot showed up at Sookie’s back door with the severed heads. Ewww.

Jose: Do you think severed heads are the elf/fae version of housewarming gifts? I’d hate to think of the body part given for something like a baby shower.

Kristen: I know Claude says all the displaced fae are gathering at the strip club because they feel better when hanging around their own kind, but I can’t help but think that they are up to something.

Jose: The fae are quite a narcissistic bunch (Claude’s favorite admirer is Claude) so I could get the idea they are all hanging together in a strip club, but I agree with you that something is going on. Sookie seemed to be feeling better the more she hung out with Claude and Dermot, and I think the feeling was mutual.

Kristen: And how about that fairy portal? That was a surprise. I wonder if it will be important later on or if it was just a convenient was to dispose of Sandra Pelt’s body?

Jose: I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a little bit of both. If I had a magical portal to another world in my backyard you know I would be using it as my mystical garbage disposal.

Kristen: Not me. If I heard snarling and yapping coming out of that thing, I would run far, far away.

Jose: Snarling and yapping? Sounds like a good night at Alcide’s.

Vampire Politics are Down and Dirty
Kristen: Well, I certainly think Victor got what he deserved. He tried to kill Sookie and Pam (in the “Two Blondes” short story) and he tried to poison Eric and Pam with fairy blood. I don’t think Eric and Sookie had much of a choice except to go after him.

Jose: You have to admire vampire politics, very cutthroat but they gets things done. I agree that Victor deserved his end, but I was kind of surprised by the timing of it and how blatant Victor was at trying to get Eric killed.

Kristen: What continues to surprise me is how vengeful Sookie has become. She grapples with the morality of it, but she will stop at nothing to protect her loved ones. I admire that about her.

Jose: I think when you’ve had double digit attempts on your life by different supernatural beings, the morality of killing may be taking a back seat to survival. Still it’s good to see the Sookie tries to hold on to her humanness as much as possible.

Sookie Stackhouse’s Men
Kristen: Speaking of taking down Victor, I was impressed that Bill was willing to help. Actually, I found myself becoming a fan of Bill all over again in this book. I have been fully on Team Eric for a long time now, but Bill was really there for Sookie in Dead Reckoning. And I hate to say it, but Eric—with all his secret keeping and fighting with Pam—got on my nerves.

Jose: Well In Eric’s defense, he had kind of a full plate to deal with in this book. He’s still dealing with Appius issues from the last book, Victor wanting to kill him, maybe having to marry the Queen of Oklahoma, and Sookie breaking her bond with him. That being said, Bill was definitely one of my favorites in this book, especially he’s now the keeper of the Bubba.

Kristen: Ha ha, Bill’s officially the Bubba Wrangler. Yeah, you make some good points about Eric having a lot to deal with, but he should have told Sookie about this Oklahoma thing. At least Pam had her back.

Jose: Speaking of people having Sookie’s back, I thought Sam was a very good friend to her this book, even though his other half didn’t seem to like her much.

Kristen: Yes! I’m not sure what I think of Jannalynn. She kinda scares me. But I agree with what you said about Sam. I think Sookie even referred to him as her best friend. Aww.

Jose: And last but not least, we have Alcide. He had both the most interesting and most awkward scene in this book.

Kristen: Sookie was all kinds of pissed, but I actually laughed out loud at that part. He’s such a tool! But getting back to Sookie and Eric, do you think things are done between them?

Jose: I think we’re going to have a situation similar to Sookie and Bill. They’ll be friends and there will be moments where they look to be getting back together, but I think that ship has sailed. At least until the next time he saves Sookie from certain death. What do you think?

Kristen: I think Oklahoma is going to cause all kinds of problems for them, and they will probably break up in the next book. Eric will try to get out of the arranged marriage, but I think whatever happens, he and Sookie will break up. It sucks too because, once the bond was broken, Sookie realized that she truly does love Eric. And he loves her too.

Don’t Ever Accept a Baby Shower Gift from a Demon Lawyer
Jose: Let’s just start off by saying that there is likely no good baby shower gift from a Demon Lawyer.

Kristen: I liked how Sookie was all like—and I’m paraphrasing here–“Thanks a crapload, Mr. Cataliades, for ruining my life.” But, seriously, I didn’t see that coming. I always figured Sookie’s telepathy simply came from her fairy blood.

Jose: Yeah at first I thought it was kind of a copout by the author, but I like the idea that this is a combination of a genetic trait and magic. Although it does raise the question of how Barry the Bellboy got his power?

Kristen: Oooh, I hadn’t thought of that! Good point. We also have to talk about another gift: the cluviel dor. I was amused and horrified to see it turn Sookie into a character from Lord of the Rings.

Jose: As long as she doesn’t have to climb to the top of a volcano and chuck it in there I think were okay. It’s kinda scary that she does have this super powerful object that could cause a lot of change. I’m not worried that she would misuse it, more that with magic it seems that the more powerful and object is, the higher the price to use it.

Kristen: I’m more worried that someone will try to kill her to get his/her hands on it. So she can’t use it to get rid of her or Hunter’s telepathy, but Mr. Cataliades specifically said she could use it to kill somebody who is trying to harm her. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

Jose: Oh yeah that’s foreshadowing. To be honest the list of people trying to harm her only gets longer so she shouldn’t have a problem finding someone to use it on.

Kristen: To wrap up, I’ll share my favorite quotes:
Sookie: “It was time to get this assassination party started” and “Zombies.”

Jose: My favorite part? Bubba’s little concert / assassination party at Fangtasia. Loved everything about it from the pre-show alley cat snack to the sequined jumpsuit. Also loved Bill playing the role of Colonel Parker as Bubba’s manager/ stage help.

Now we want to hear from you! What did you think of Dead Reckoning? Were you frustrated with Eric in this book? Are Claude and Dermot up to something? Do you think Sookie will use the cluviel dor? Let us know in the comments!

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