Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke to Direct THE BITCH POSSE

Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke is dipping into the teen angst pool once again. Deadline reports she is set to direct an adaptation of the 2006 Martha O’Connor novel THE BITCH POSSE.

While there are no vampires or werewolves in The Bitch Posse, its heroines face something just as frightening. Cherry, Amy, and Rennie are three friends who come from troubled homes, whom we see both as high school seniors and women in their mid-thirties. As teens, the three girls form a destructive alliance they call The Bitch Posse that shatters when an unspeakable event rips them apart. As adults, they are all damaged, haunted by what happened to them: Cherry is in a psychiatric hospital, Amy is in a loveless marriage, and Rennie is a drug and sex-addicted failed writer.

Hardwicke cut her directing teeth on 2003’s gritty drama Thirteen and her latest effort was this year’s Red Riding Hood. She is also on board to direct the Ellen Page-starring Freeheld, so it’s unclear where The Bitch Posse would fit in her schedule.

To those who have read The Bitch Posse: is it as intriguing as it sounds? Do you think it would make a good film, and if so, who should star?

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