Gattaca’s Andrew Niccol to Direct THE HOST Adaptation

The Twilight Saga is wrapping up, but the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling novel THE HOST is heating up. Deadline reports that Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, Lord of War) has signed on to direct his own adaptation of the sci-fi romance. He had been attached to the film earlier but left due to scheduling issues. Since production on The Host was delayed, Niccol is once again available.

The first part of a trilogy, though no other books have been released, 2008’s The Host focuses on Melanie Ryder, a young woman who happens to be one of the final humans on Earth fighting an alien parasitic species called Souls. Melanie is captured and implanted with a legendary Soul named Wanderer (Wanda), who tries to force Melanie to lead her to any remaining humans. Instead, Wanderer is faced with a consciousness as strong as her own and she and Melanie engage not only in a battle for control of Melanie’s mind, but also in a love triangle with Melanie’s boyfriend. Saoirse Ronan will play both the possessed Melanie and the parasite Wanderer.

Niccol is no stranger to si-fi. He wrote and directed 1997’s Gattaca and is in post-production on the dystopian In Time, about a world where the aging gene has been switched off and immortality is achievable but costly.

Do you think The Host will help fill the void left when The Twilight Saga is done?

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