Be Prepared, iPad 3 Reportedly in Development

Ipad 2

Apple Inc. has developed a reputation in the 21st century as being a major game changer in the tech field. Apple’s iPhone set the standard for smartphones and forever altered the cell phone industry. Their next leap forward came with the iPad, making tablets the new must have item.

Apple just released a second generation iPad, the iPad 2 in early 2011 and it now appears that Apple is already developing the next generation version of the iPad. According to suppliers in Asia, Apple has already ordered some 1.5 million parts for the production of the iPad 3 and is aiming for an early 2012 release date.

For the millions who just purchased an iPad 2 this is no doubt frustrating news to hear. Apple needs to keep pace in the marketplace it popularized with the original iPad. Competition abounds these days in the tablet market with Samsung, HP, and others launching new tablets almost weekly.

With Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO, the question remains now: will the upcoming developments be as good as before?

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