AWAKENINGS By Edward Lazellari [Did Not Finish]

awakenings edward lazellari

I like unique plots, whether they involve vampires, werewolves, witches and wizards, or simply ordinary human beings doing ordinary things told in a unique way. At first glance, AWAKENINGS by Edward Lazellari seems to fit the bill. It tells the story of two men with seemingly different backgrounds who both have amnesia and cannot remember a thing about their previous lives. As it turns out, they both come from a strange planet and came to earth with a group of people who were trying to protect a child.

But the plot, as unique as it might be, gets bogged down by the formulaic writing and incessantly shifting viewpoints. Each chapter is about a different character and begins by introducing the character in present time, writing a short backhistory or anecdote about what has happened in their lives, continues with present time, and then ends with foreshadowing of another event; but, before we can get to the interesting part, a new character is introduced. The writing style actually makes the plotline somewhat boring and I found myself wading through deep, uninteresting paragraphs just to get to the good stuff. More often than not, the “good stuff” was so hyped up by all the previous foreshadowing that it ended up being a letdown and not as exciting as Lazellari led me to believe.

I could get through the writing style, and the plotline was interesting enough that it might carry itself even if it didn’t give enough of a payout in the end. But the characters were static, under-developed, and just not interesting it. They didn’t give me enough reason to stay with them and see their story through to the end. Some of the characters were just unlikeable, and I didn’t really care what happened to them.

I found the book to be disappointing. I’ve never been one to read narratives concerning aliens and other life forms—I’m not a fan of comic books, either—so maybe I wouldn’t be interested no matter how Lazellari chose to write this story. Maybe this is a man’s novel, because I do know that my husband found it interesting. At least, the few parts he read.

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