SLOPPY FIRSTS By Megan McCafferty [Review]

sloppy firsts megan mccafferty
I first read SLOPPY FIRSTS in high school and when I heard that the series was finally finished, I decided to pick the book back up and start over again.

Sloppy Firsts is the story of Jessica Darling, a junior at small-town high school in New Jersey, it chronicles her struggle to navigate life in a town she hates, at a school she hates, with people she hates, after her best friend moved across the country. She’s in the middle of learning how to make life enjoyable when she meets Marcus Flutie, the misunderstood druggie who decides to mess with her mind and change her world.

I absolutely love the narrator in this book. She has a humorous, acerbic wit that she constantly uses and portrays even the most meaningless situations in a way that makes me laugh.

Though I give props to McCafferty on her consistent use of the voice, I strongly dislike how draining it becomes at times. Each sentence is drawn out with ghetto-lingo and short character description usually lasts for paragraphs because of the narrator’s insistence on hitting all the fine details.

Though I identify Jessica in a lot of ways, coming from a small town and growing up in a high school I hated myself, I do not identify with Jessica’s constant talk of sex. She’s a stereotypical teenage boy when it comes to losing her virginity, and almost every one of her witty life observations is laced with sexual innuendos. Maybe it’s just me, but when I was sixteen my friends and I had more things to talk about than our desire to get laid.

But the pros out way the cons in this book, and Marcus Flutie is a giant pro. He’s just as witty as Jessica, suave when he wants to be, and has his own unique spin on things. He isn’t a character in league with Mr. Darcy, but he’s definitely a character that will stick in your mind for a long time afterward.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Broadway | Pages: 297 | Source: Library | Buy on Amazon

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