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Summoning Muffy Morrigan

When my friend (and fellow writer here on Daemon’s Books) Muffy Morrigan asked me to read and review her latest book, THE SUMMONING, I jumped at the chance. This novella is the third in a series of stories called the Custodes Noctis, about two brothers who are inheritors of an ancient legacy that gives them powerful gifts, but also demands a lot from them as well. They each have inherent abilities that go far beyond regular humans, such as being able to heal, communicate with each other without speaking, or see worlds outside of our own.

As this story begins, younger brother Rob is struggling with the loss of one of his gifts when something sinister begins to affect him. Sensing his brother’s troubles, but unable to stop the darkness, older brother Galen is at a loss how to help. When things come to a head, both brothers have to make huge sacrifices in order to save each other and themselves.

Once again, as in with the other Custodes Noctis novel I read, I found that my favorite part of this book was the way that the real world is mixed with that of the supernatural. I used to be into a lot more fantasy when I was younger, but these days I am finding that I like my daydream world to have just a touch of reality to it. This book does that well with talks of coffee and Jeeps interspersed with discussions about ancient weapons and otherworldly creatures.

The story is equally about both brothers and another thing I liked was how the book shifts from each of their viewpoints, chapter to chapter. I’d find myself puzzled or questioning events in one chapter, only to have everything cleared up in the next, when we would see the point of view of the other brother.

The characters are very different from each other and I could easily tell from chapter to chapter whose viewpoint we were reading from. I also liked the appearance of Flash again, who brings a lot of humor to the story and breaks up the drama and tension nicely. In fact Flash has some of my favorite lines in the story and I knew every time he showed up that I’d be smiling or laughing shortly.

Finally there are two new characters in this one that I really enjoyed. Two talking ravens might sound like something very strange but in this story they work perfectly.

Overall I enjoyed this story quite a bit, actually even more than the last book I read in the series, if that’s possible. My only problem with it was that it ended much too soon. When I got to the last big scene and realized it was over, I was very sad. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Three Ravens | Pages: 110 | Source: Author

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