Dark Eden By Patrick Carman [Review]

Dark Eden

You know how people always tell you to face your fears? Well, what if your fears are so crippling that even your doctor can help you get past them? Such in the story of Dark Eden by Patrick Carman.

More psychological than horror, Dark Eden follows the story of seven teens that are sent on a retreat to face their phobias. Will Besting is one of the patients, with a fear of being around groups of people. Will is reluctant at first (who wouldn’t be reluctant to join a group when your fear IS groups?) to head off to the retreat, but is out voted by his parents. They feel some time at Fort Eden will be exactly what Will needs to cure his phobia.

What Will and his parents don’t know is that something much more sinister is going on at Fort Eden. When he sneaks away from the group to explore his new surroundings, Will comes across hidden rooms, camera, and puzzles and attempts to figure out just how Fort Eden is helping patients cope with their phobias.

What these seven children don’t realize is that they’re about to pay a large price for being cured of their greatest fears.

Dark Eden was a great psychological thriller. With six main chapters, one for each of the teens (two boys are doubled into one chapter), Carman throws his audience into these character’s fears and makes the reader experience their journey right along with the group. Each chapter shines a little more light on each character and gives readers clues into their phobias along with why they experience them.

While the writing style isn’t my favorite, it’s obvious that Dark Eden was written for young adults, it will be an easy read for those that don’t necessarily find themselves devouring books. Even though it was a little simple for me, Dark Eden was a great psychological thriller that kept me turning the pages as fast as I could.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books | Pages: 336 | Source: Publisher | Buy on Amazon

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