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Are you a fan of random facts? Do you find yourself constantly buying new editions of the Bathroom reader? Do you like surprising people with stories that make you seem smart at parties? Then mental_floss: The Book: The Greatest Lists in the History Listory might be just what you need.

I can’t say that I have always been a fact freak, although I had always enjoy hearing about fun anecdotes or history facts. But nowadays, I find myself looking for new interesting facts or stories that either make you think or are just pure entertainment.

That’s why I loved mental_floss: The Book: The Greatest Lists in the History Listory. The book is a result of 10 years of hunting and compiling the world’s rarest facts thanks to the people from mental_floss Magazine, which resulted in this collection.

mental_floss: The Book is a pretty large book with 300+ pages of facts and facts and facts, and more facts. But the cool thing is it’s broken up into themed sections that each contain 10 different lists.

So let’s say you’re not a big sports fan and couldn’t care less about those facts, you can just skip that section and instead head over to the book section, in this case wittingly named “10 Lists for People Who Can’t Write Good” and since we’re amongst book lovers, you might be intrigued to know that this specific section includes these 10 lists:

– Six Works of Literature That Were Really Hard to Write
– What 10 Fictional Characters Were Almost Called
– What Eight Classic Books Were Almost Called
– Eight Latin Phrases You Pretend to Understand
– Six Words Invented by Authors
– The Little-Known Stories of Five Famous Authors
– Five Famous Phrases People Own
– The Nautical Roots of Six Common Phrases
– Nine Things Mark Twain Didn’t Say (And Nine He Did)
– 10 “Q” Words That Aren’t “Q-U” Words

Intriguing isn’t it? And that’s only one section. There are 14 sections total each including 10 lists, that’s a total of 140 lists. Not so bad!

Some of my personal favorite sections included the food section (“10 Food Lists To Make Your Mouth Water”), the pop culture section list (“10 Pop Culture Lists To Break Out On The Red Carpet”) and the business section (“10 Lists That Mean Business”). But there is definitely something for everyone.

So if you feel like enriching your knowledge with facts that probably very few people know, this is the book for you.

You can purchase mental_floss: The Book on Amazon. And if you can’t get enough of those lists, you should visit the mental_floss website.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks | Pages: 320 | Source: Publisher

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