Gig Posters Volume 2 [Review]

Gig Posters 2

Normally books that I review have a very specific plot that they follow. Not so with Gig Posters Volume 2. Instead of a story, this is the second installment of posters from various artists displaying different musical artists. It was awesome!

This volume is huge – 11 x 14, and not only is it 208 pages of amazing artwork, you also get 101 posters that are perforated, ready to be torn from the pages of the book for framing and hanging on your walls! It’s a book that doubles as a decorating tool! I have every intention of hanging a few of these babies around my home.

Gig Posters Volume 2 arrives two years after the initial installment of Gig Posters and features 101 new artists for our visual enjoyment. They come straight from the vaults of, which is the go to place to purchase Rock and Roll art work. Some of the bands that you’ll see featured include (but aren’t limited to) The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, Flight of the Conchords, Ice-T, Norah Jones, Queens of the Stone Age, and Wilco… and that’s just a few of the 700 posters showcased in this beautiful book.

I really enjoyed the way Gig Posters was laid out. On the front of each page there is a full sized poster, on the back are six small illustration and comments regarding the designer. Each page can be removed and -BAM! You easily have 101 posters ready to frame. I’m in love with this book and will probably purchase one just to have sitting on my coffee table.

You can purchase ‘Gig Posters Volume 2’ on Amazon.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Quirk Books | Pages: 208 | Source: Publisher

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