A Hole In The Ground Owned By A Liar by Daniel Pyne [Review]

A Hole In The Ground Owned By A Liar by Daniel Pyne

Daniel Pyne is best known for his screenwriting skills. He’s currently writing for that small little show Alcatraz, and because of this is no stranger to mystery and suspense. I was ecstatic that I had a chance to read and review his novel A Hole In The Ground Owned By A Liar. Pyne did not disappoint.

The intriguing title aside (which comes from a quote by Mark Twain), A Hole in the Ground was a book that will have you roped in from the first chapter. It keeps you on your toes through the character development and the story that blends history with mystery and leaves you wanting more.

The quirky story is wonderful – Lee Garrison purchases a Colorado coal mine sight unseen. Lee isn’t looking to make it rich with his new found purchase, instead he buys the mine for the adventure it can provide him when he’s not teaching. The mine will also serve as a way for Lee’s inmate brother to earn a living once he’s released from jail.

The rest of the characters that cross Lee’s path are very flawed, but extremely interesting. The mayor of town (which truthfully reminded me of the idiot E.B. Farnum from Deadwood) provides the humor that keeps the book from being overly somber.

What made me enjoy A Hole in the Ground the most was the setting. Pyne does a fantastic job describing the Colorado mining town and its history. I adore books that make me feel like I’m part of the setting, and Pyne succeeded in taking me away from my living room and transporting me to Colorado.

A Hole in the Ground Owned By a Liar is an amazing read, and one that will be great for the upcoming summer months.

You can purchase ‘A Hole in the Ground Owned By a Liar’ on Amazon.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Publisher: Counterpoint | Pages: 256 | Source: Publisher

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