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Exclusive Interview of The Hunger Games’ District 4 Tribute Tara Macken

Tara Macken

Our sister site Film Equals [2] scored an interview [3] with none other than Tara Macken, the District 4 Tribute in the film adaptation of the best selling book The Hunger Games.

In the interview, Tara delves into the casting process, how she prepared for the role and her exposure to the Hunger Games phenomenon. Here is an excerpt of what she said:

How did the opportunity for this role in ‘The Hunger Games’ come about?

Tara Macken: Well, my background, I’m an actress and a stunt woman and I actually got sought out by my stunt coordinator. He saw me, knew that I could act and do stunts. So, he passed me along to Gary Ross, the director, who then sent me to the casting. So, I auditioned and there you have it.

This is a special kind of movie in that there was already a lot of interest because of the book. Had you read the book before getting the role?

Tara Macken: I didn’t. I only read the book after the role was approached to me, but it’s a pretty amazing book, I do have to admit. I loved it.

Did you flip through it looking for your character or did you read it straight through?

Tara Macken: I read it straight through. I love to read. It was nice seeing the part that my character was in, but I think overall I was just trying to enjoy the story.

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