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A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

I was given the chance to review the fourth and final novel of Lori Foster’s “Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor” series earlier this month, and was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed A Perfect Storm.

Following right where the third book left off, A Perfect Storm continues into the world of human trafficking and how our main characters, Spencer and Arizona, attempt to bring down a seedy ring.

Arizona was rescued by one of the “Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor” heroes, and with his help, has overcome the horrors of the life she used to live when she was enslaved. I know it sounds sort of hokey and a bit contrived, but honestly, while reading A Perfect Storm, the story line makes sense with Arizona’s character traits.

She’s strong willed, protects herself, and never has a “oh woe is me” moment that I can remember. She’s a strong woman that overcomes a horrible time in her life; my only complaint is that she’s portrayed as needing a man to help her through it. Out of all heroines that I’ve read, Arizona is the type that could very easily have pulled herself out of her situation alone – and personally, I think that would’ve made the story of her and Spencer all the more interesting.

Spencer is the hero of this story; an alpha male damaged by the loss of his wife, who takes to Arizona even though he’s 11 years her elder. He’s protective of the girl, let’s Arizona have her rants, and even (at times) throws her sass right back at her. It was extremely interesting to see these two personalities play off of each other the way that Foster wrote them.

Like all stories, Arizona manages to fight her demons (although I had an issue with how she went about it; scarred for life victims usually don’t go out looking for more trouble) and things are tied up in one pretty little bow.

As a final wrap up to a four part series, A Perfect Storm is a great summer read and will leave fans of Lori Foster satisfied and waiting for her next story!

You can purchase ‘A Perfect Storm’ on Amazon.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars | Publisher: HQN Books; Original edition | Pages: 448 | Source: Publisher

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