Exclusive Interview: ‘The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic’ Author Bianca Turetsky

time traveling fashionista bianca turetsky
Are you in the mood for some time traveling? What about traveling back to the Titanic? That’s exactly what happens to Louise Lambert, the main character in Bianca Turetsky’s novel The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic.

Turetsky recently took some time to answer a few questions from Book Equals about her book, including her inspiration, some of the challenges she faced, her writing process and more.

What inspired you to write “The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic”?

Bianca Turetsky: The idea came to me a few years ago after visiting this amazing vintage shop in New Haven CT, called Fashionista Vintage and Variety. It’s owned by these two fabulous women, Todd and Nancy, who know everything and anything about vintage clothing. I tried on this pink party dress that belonged to a Mrs. Baxter from Newport Rhode Island, and I couldn’t help but wonder what her life was like, what the last gala or fancy event was that she wore this to. Was she in love? Was she happy? And how in a way, her memory was being preserved through this garment.

What was the most challenging part of writing “The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic”?

Bianca Turetsky: The research. Even though it’s fiction, I really wanted to make the book as historically accurate as possible and there is a glut of information about the Titanic. (And for someone who is easily distracted this is both a good and a bad thing!) Almost everyone who Louise meets on the ship was actually there, and I tried to stay as true to their characters as I could. It’s a big responsibility putting words in people’s mouths!

What was the most fun part of writing “The Time-Traveling Fashionista on Board The Titanic”?

Bianca Turetsky: The most fun part was getting to see the gorgeous illustrations Sandra Suy created from my text. It’s funny, I’ve never met her in person (she lives in Barcelona, Spain) but after seeing her whimsical drawings and the way she interpreted my text I felt like she knew me so well, because they were just like I imagined and hoped they would be.

What is your writing process like?

Bianca Turetsky: I write in the mornings at home. I like the mornings because my mind is clear and I’m still half in a dream world, which is particularly helpful when writing a fantasy novel. I’ve tried so many times to be one of those writers who works in a coffee shop, (it seems so much more writerly and romantic!), but I’m too nosy. I end up eavesdropping on other people’s conversations and drinking too many lattes instead of writing my book. I also make sure to write every day, even on the weekends. It’s a good habit to get into, and now it feels strange if I miss a day.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you are currently working on?

Bianca Turetsky: I am currently working on the 3rd book in the Time-Traveling Fashionista series. I’m just in the beginning stages but it’s been a lot of fun already. I’ve gotten to meet with an archaeologist for this one!

What book have you read recently you would recommend people read?

Bianca Turetsky: “You Are What You Wear” by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner was a really great read. I’m a bit of an armchair psychologist myself, and I of course am obsessed with fashion, so this is an interesting fusion of both. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone by going through their closet!

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