More Like Her By Liza Palmer [Review]

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How often do we look at someone else and assume from their clothes, their job or their spouse that they must have it all? And how often do we wish that we could trade places with them, to live in their shoes for just one day? In Liza Palmer’s new book, More Like Her, the illusion of one such woman is shattered in the most horrific way possible, leaving nothing behind but the naked truth that there is no such thing as perfection.

Our guide through the story is Frances, a thirty-something speech teacher with a history of relationships that are anything but perfect. Helped (and sometimes inadvertently hindered) by her friends Jill and Lisa, Frances just wants to find a nice guy with good taste in music. She believes she might have found that in Sam, a hot Southern boy who quickly makes her forget all about her loser ex. But just like everyone in her circle of friends, Frances finds her whole world up-ended in the wake of a tragedy that strikes far too close to home.

Although there is a prologue that looms over the first half of the book, that tragedy leaps out of nowhere and attacks the reader, just like a similar circumstance would in real life. Without giving away too much detail, it’s gripping, gut-wrenching moment so powerful that the rest of the book is fueled by the emotions it invokes. It’s impossible not to feel for these characters as one can’t help but wonder how they would react if they were in the same situation.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty shoes on the cover, More Like Her delves into some dark territory, but it never loses its wonderfully comedic voice. With the possible exception of Sam (who I wouldn’t mind knowing in real life), these are the kind of characters you can imagine finding in a private school in Pasadena. Palmer brings them to life with her inexhaustible wit, yet gives each of them an individual personality, even the ones who are taken away too soon.

This is a story about friends, lovers and family. It’s a story about telling the truth, and being unashamed and unafraid to be yourself, for better or for worse.

Author: Kristen Elizabeth was born and raised in Florida, but currently living in Los Angeles, Kristen is an aspiring television writer who is willing to give any TV show a chance, unless it involves real wives. When she’s not flipping channels, she can be found either reading a good, old-fashioned bodice ripper, discussing the failures of George Lucas with her friends over cherry pie at Mel’s Diner or trying to round up one or more of her Star Trek RPG players. She’s a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and hopes to finish one of her novels someday.

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